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Our Approach

Our Approach is Symbiotic, We provide a healthy space for Discussion and imparting Knowledge for the benefit of Marine fraternity.

The frequent blog Posts and the newsletters will help to update our friends with latest trends and technology and regulations in Marine field. The site will also help in solving technical issues by directing the problems to our team members.

Our Story

It is often seen despite of best management practices and fully functional ISM, ship staff faces numerous number of challenges of complex nature which require immediate remedial action in order to prevent major losses to Human life, Ship and environment.

These complex problems do not have solutions written any where and the office, sometime, is also not able to provide a proper or specific solutions for these problems. In addition to this vague solutions from office end puts the vessel staff in the state of confusion which further leads to more problem.

Vessel staff, after signing off from vessel, stays at home about 3 to 4 months. During this period some of the shipping companies keep their floating staff engaged with Marine knowledge by organizing different courses (in house or on line). This helps in keeping them abreast of the latest marine knowledge and active in marine field.

Many of the shipping companies do not have such facilities and they do not show similar interest in organizing such courses

The above thing motivated us to device a system which could provide onboard staff

  • A specific guideline in difficult situations for tackling complex problems that will help in minimizing the  losses.
  • Frequent blogs, healthy discussions and question/answerers will make the mind active.

This site will also provide learning material to young marine Engineers (Free of cost) that will help them to understand the complex situations beforehand and will also help them to prepare for their competency Exams.

Our vision is to develop this site for all level of marine engineers, from young aspirants seeking carrier as marine engineer to fully professional marine Engineers.


Meet the brain behind the business

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Ashish Goyal


Currently Sailing as CHIEF ENGINEER on Merchant Vessels having great experience in solving complex Shipboard Problems. Sailing in current rank since 2009. Sailed on Container liners, Bulk carries and General cargo Ships. 

Joined Merchant Navy in Year 2000 after passing out in Graduate marine Engineering course from Institute of Maritime Studies, Goa. The institute is formally known as “IMS Goa.” Alumni member of IMS 98GME Batch. The institute awarded him with two awards “MOST PROMISING MARINE ENGINEER” and  “THE BEST TRAINING MANUAL”

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune. after doing graduation he worked with SUNORANGE ENTERPRISES PVT. LTD. Pune, as Press Shop Engineer. This unit is an ancillary unit of TELCO and produces load bodies for TATA’s Utility Vehicles. he was actively involved in developing the components used in the production of Load Bodies for Nigerian Army vehicles.

He did not joined his parental foundry business but kept his involvement in to the business limited to as consultant/advisor for production related issues.

His great interest in making electronic hobby projects during the childhood developed and extra interest in electronics which give him an added advantage to easily understand and solve problems containing electronic/electrical systems.

Member of Institute of Marine Engineers India

Philately is his favorite partner when at leisure.