1 thought on “Mooring Winch Brake Rendering Test – A systematic approach for understanding the concept of Brake Rendering Test”

  1. We have got following FAQs pertaining to Winch Brake Rendering Test.

    1. How frequently the brake rendering test is carried out?

    Ans: Initially the test is carried out at construction stage and there after this test is carried out annually however the frequency of test can differ and may further depends upon the company’s Safety Management System or any maintenance Job is carried out on Brake system.

    2. Whether the test is the requirement of class?

    Ans: After the ship delivery this test is not the requirement of class.
    Class is involved at design/construction stage and during initial certification of mooring winches and windlass.

    3. After Ship delivery, whose requirement this test is?

    Ans: The test is the requirement of Rating/Vetting/SIRE inspection organisations.

    4. Is the MBL (Minimum Breaking Load) as explained in video, same as LDBF (Line Design Break Force)?

    Ans: Yes, it is same. LDBF is the latest term used by Mooring Rope manufacturers in place of MBL.

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