UV Sterilizer ” Additional Support to fight CORONA Virus”

This equipment is created onboard our ship African Harrier on 27 Mar2020 and we are using it as additional support to fight with the CORONA pandemic.
The equipment is created on the basic use of Ultraviolet rays in sanitization.
The equipment is being used for sanitation where other means of disinfection can not be used.

For example
Electronic radio equipment is used by master and pilot both hence water-based spray can not disinfect mouthpiece of radio.

Important documents can not be sanitized by a spray of disinfectants their the equipment made by us works well.

There are numerous examples where our UV equipment can be used as a better alternative as a sanitizer but strictly it can not be used on skins and eyes, and need to be handle by a trained person.

Our video is self-explanatory

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2 responses to “UV Sterilizer ” Additional Support to fight CORONA Virus””

  1. Many people asked us how effective this equipment is?
    Our reply is: we have no proof of it’s effectiveness. But we discussed the use of UV with a biochemist. Use of UV in killing bacteria and pathogens is effective but it is effective for short term. So far we do not have proof of the effectiveness of UV on Carona viruses but certainly it helps in maintaining hygiene bye killing other bacteria an pathogens.

    The equipment can be used onboard where the other means of sanitiser cannot be used.

    1. Electronic equipments, radio communication equipment’s handles by master and pilot both.
    2. Important documents and certificates received
    3. Food items and other stores.